Senior prom dance 2024, Luxury package

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Senior prom dance 2024
Luxury package

Supervised organization of the entire event (before, during and after): strict consultancy, students' list, sketch of the room design, detailed and timed programmed of activities, numbered tables, guests lists, and everything else needed to look after the event.

Labeled enveloped (the school's and student's names): Each student will received a fine enveloped invitation with safety stamps on the entrance and food tickets

Music: the event will last around 5 hours with professional DJ entertainment, a large selection of music tracks, intelligent and laser light systems, a smoke machine and bubble making machine.

Master of ceremonies throughout the entire dance to guide during the entrance, meal time and farewell

Uniform escorts: the personnel will guide each guest to the table; guard the people who enter the dance and aid guests to solve last minute predicaments

Cold fireworks show: indoor explosions when the each group of students dances the waltz. There would be 3 explosions per group (certain places do not allow this).

Artistic performances:

Two mimes to welcome the guests Mariachi serenade
A comparsa show that lasts 30 minutes
A Costa Rican typical music groups with masquerade show for 30 minutes
Two stilt men to liven up the carnival

Carnival attire for the students that include: a fantasy mask, a large trumpet, a fabric hat for boys and a feather boa for girls.

Large colored balloons for students and guests

Luxury photo package that includes: (All photographs are taken by a professional photographer)

  • A 5X7 portrait wearing graduation robe and mortarboard
  • A 5X7 black and white photo wearing graduation robe and mortarboard
  • 16 passport size photos
  • 4 wallet size photos wearing graduation robe and mortarboard
  • A 6X8 group photograph
  • Three 6X8 prom night photographs

Full room decoration (different colors to choose from):

  • Entrance arch with metal based. This arch will be covered in flowers, fabrics and spotlights.
  • Carnival balloon net
  • Metal sculptures shaped as students of a 1.20mts tall decorated with a flower base (to decorate the room and reception lounge)
  • Two tall floral ornaments with fabric base to frame the dance floor
  • Fabric ornaments and spotlights to decorated the platform
  • An ornament in balloons that spells: "2024" at the center of the room
  • Center pieces in natural flowers on either a double decker metal base or fish tank with a floating candle (this option is available for 10 people table)
  • An 18 inches mylar balloon and two latex balloons blown up with helium on each table.

Note: this package can be adapted to suit your budget needs

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